Independent Study HQ is the latest casualty of a series of government actions that have made it impossible to continue serving our students

We offer our profound gratitude to you for entrusting your young minds to us, and for the opportuntiy you gave us to share in the responsibility of education. 

Lengthly State-wide stay-at-home orders prevented us providing critical in-person tutoring services


State-wide school closures of all on-site learning opportunties were flowed down to on-site private vendors

The 2020-2021 school budget blocked funding to charter schools, who we served, for new students

Recent legislation for charter schools makes it practically impossible for vendors to offer differentiated learning experiences

A Note to Legislators:

Not every student in our great state can afford private one-on-one math tutoring when they need it


Students who could only afford our in-person math tutoring through charter schools now have fewer and fewer options as a result of your policies.

We all know your policies hurt low income kids the worst.

A Note to Parents:


Until the rules of the road for public education settle down,

Find a private school  

Many online affordable options already exist